Logan is the cutest!

Being the youngest certainly has its advantages. The youngest is usually the cutest and almost always gets away with things that older siblings couldn’t even dream of doing. Of course there are disadvantages too, like always being out-done by an older sibling.  These are growing pains that happen with many families that have multiple brothers and sisters.

As far as we can tell, Logan has nothing to worry about when it comes to family issues. She’s very close with her sisters and loves doing anything they love to do. In fact, her sisters were so helpful in her photo shoot, we decided they needed to be in the pictures too. Talk about triple trouble, these three girls have cornered the cuteness market and are exploiting it for all its worth. Who wouldn’t?

Even with two adorable sisters, Logan was certainly the star for this session. Don’t let her demure personality fool you. She’s cute and knows it. When we showed her some of her shots on our theater screen, she cracked up at her own photos. She’s almost two-years-old now and with a smile like that, she could get away with anything she wants. Being this cute, Logan could walk out the front door of the Louvre with the Mona Lisa in her hands and no one would think twice about it:

          Guard 1: “Hey! That little girl is trying to steal the Mona Lisa!”

          Guard 2: “I’ll call the police, you go get that painting!”

          Guard 1: “Oh my gosh, she is so adorable. Just look at that smile!”

          Guard 2: “You’re right, she’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.”

          Guard 1: “Eh, we should just let her have it, I’m sure she’ll bring it back soon.”

          Guard 2: “Yeah, it’s just a painting anyway.”

          Guard 1: “I’m certainly not taking it from her, she looks so happy with it.”

We thoroughly enjoyed our time photographing Logan. She captured our hearts and we’re sure everyone will enjoy these pictures as much as we do. And a big thank you to Logan for brightening our day!