Undeniably Photogenic: Kyla, Wyatt and Dylan

Sorry folks, we have some bad news. Our cameras simply refuse to take pictures of anyone besides Kyla, Wyatt and Dylan anymore. We’ve been photographing this family for nearly three years now and we’re kinda surprised this didn’t happen sooner. We should have seen it coming. These three kids are so easy to photograph our cameras went on strike and stopped working as soon as their session was over. Until this labor dispute is settled, it looks like we’re changing our name to the Kyla, Wyatt and Dylan Modeling Agency, or KWD for short. Either that or we will need to have them sit in on every session we do. So, if you don’t mind having one or all of them in your photos (Who wouldn’t? Just look at them!) we’re happy to continue taking photos of everyone else!

Somebody get Tyra Banks on the phone, Kyla is America’s next top model. She’s a bit young, but one glimpse of her rocking that peacock dress and Ms. Banks would be floored. Kyla is the youngest in the family and we think she’ll have no problem if she decides to pursue a career in modeling.

Dodge City lawman Wyatt Earp wasn’t silly. Our Wyatt is very silly. If we had to choose between them, we definitely take the silly middle child over a troubled 19th Century lawman. Sorry Mr. Earp. Some middle children worry about never being noticed because the attention tends to go to the oldest or youngest in the family. Not Wyatt though. His silliness and goofy nature are one-of-a-kind traits that keep everyone’s attention.

You don’t even have to look twice at Dylan’s photos to notice that glimmer in his eyes. It’s a little twinkle that tells you he’s in charge. He is cool, relaxed, and perhaps because he is the oldest, Dylan has a look that says “At any moment I’m going to impart a nugget of sage advice, so you’d better listen up.” We’re listening Dylan!