Oh Sunny Day!

Everybody, meet Sunny. A bright little girl whose name describes her personality perfectly. Well maybe not perfectly, but  a name like Sunnyhappyfunnygigglyadorablecute would just be silly. And it definitely wouldn’t fit on a normal sized cake. Especially the sun-shaped cake used at her recent 1st birthday celebration. To commemorate her first birthday, bright and bold colors were the theme beginning with the good ol’ red, white, and blue. The patriotic theme was an homage to Sunny’s dad who’s an active Marine; those are his boots in the background.

No little girl’s photo shoot is complete without pink; usually lots and lots of pink. For Sunny though, only the brightest and boldest shade of pink would do. Also notice the perfectly matching – and perfectly adorable – flowered headband. That headband is the handy work of family friend Eileen, owner of Twin Sanity Designs, and a definite must have for all girls big or small. Shoot her an e-mail at twinsanitydesigns@yahoo.com to get your custom headband today!

Happy first birthday Sunny!