My ultra-spective Wedding Anniversary

Tiffany Plato-Staff Writer

May 24th is a very special day in our home, for multiple reasons. May 24th was the reason I found and hired ultra-spective. It was our wedding day. Six years later I am shocked to find myself now working for them. But I am not the least bit shocked that I am still amazed by the images they captured on our wedding day. Or should I say our wedding weekend.

We planned a big three day event for our wedding guests. We booked the entire Purple Orchid Inn in order to have our friends and family  stay in one place. It was a perfect meeting point for the rehearsal dinner and a relaxing Sunday BBQ the day after the wedding. We chose to have our wedding at BoaVentura de Caires Winery just down the road. I thought having a Memorial Day weekend event would be a shoo-in for the lovely warm vineyard wedding I had envisioned. The entire week before our wedding we had a record breaking heatwave. I was starting to worry all of our guests would melt in the sun. I went out of my way to make sure everyone at the wedding would be comfortable. I bought individual paper umbrellas, flip-flops and matching adorable paper fans to keep everyone cool. I had our wedding planned with every possible detail, down to the significance of every flower in my bouquet to handing out a complete outline minute by minute to everyone in my bridal party.

Yes, I was a control freak.

Surprisingly, no one believed me when I said I was going to give up complete control once the day arrived and whatever was going to happen was going to happen. I knew there was nothing more that I could do. The only thing I cared about was marrying my best friend and ultimately I knew that is all that mattered.

Until….. the storms came rolling in. My worries over how to keep my guests cool and comfortable now turned into how to keep my all my guests warm and dry. We shipped in emergency heaters, moved an entire sit down dinner for 150 guests into a small cramped barn and prayed that it wouldn’t rain for at least the ceremony since there wasn’t any room left inside the barn to stand, let a long get married.

Low and behold, the skies parted just long enough to say our ‘I dos’. I would like to take all credit for the goosebumps my guests had at our wedding but I have a feeling the freezing temperatures had something to do with it as well.

Just like life, our wedding didn’t end up the way we planned. But what a ride it was! A ride that went by so fast I completely forgot all the moments and details I had spent months planning. Thank god for pictures! Not just any pictures but the pictures captured by ultra-spective. They caught all those details I had spent countless hours planning and all those moments that went by too fast to remember.

I know as a bride we can obsess over our dream wedding. There is only so much we can control. I learned the hard way that mother nature has her own plan. I was so worried about the weather not only ruining our day but leaving us with pictures that didn’t reflect the beauty of where we were and who we were with.

Whether you are having a family portrait done or is it your wedding day, I am here to tell you do not worry about clouds. Do not worry about gray skies. Heck, don’t even worry about a little rain. The photographer behind that lens knows exactly what they are doing. We have a saying when it comes to taking pictures. Clouds are our friend. They are mother natures soft box. A free gift from above that helps us to create beautiful images.

I couldn’t believe it until I saw it with my own two eyes. I may have seen the beauty in marrying my best friend on our wedding day but it went by so fast that I wasn’t able to see the beauty that surrounded us. Until I saw what the photographer saw…

and Damn! I have never loved a rainy day so much in my life.