We are Revealing our Beauty and you’re invited!


Tiffany Plato- Staff Writer

Have you been tossing around the idea of doing a boudoir shoot but have come up with a plethora of excuses not to?

Excuses like,
I need to lose more weight.
I don’t have anyone to give the photo’s to.
I don’t feel pretty enough.
Well, we have the answers to disprove all of your excuses. Want to know why? Because the team at ultra-spective have used all those excuses ourselves. Some of us are single, some of us aren’t quite comfortable with our weight and some of us just never feel sexy enough after spending countless hours being “mom”.  So we decided to put up or shut up! We can’t tell you guys to take that leap and do something fun and sexy for yourself if we can’t do it ourselves.
So the creative teams at ultra-spective and The Blowout Bar Salon have come together to show everyone what the power of great make-up artistry, great lighting, talented photographers and a whole lot of fun can create. And we want to share it with you! We now have the proof in photographs of how sexy we feel, how we don’t necessarily need anyone other than ourselves to give these photos too, how confident we feel or what a sexy mama we are!
On August 6th we would like to invite you to come have a peak behind the lens as we show off our own personal photos from our boudoir shoots. You will be able to meet the team of artists that will work with you on your own shoot and ask as many questions as you would like. Find some inspiration and of course have some fun at the all ladies cocktail party.
This is a complimentary private event with an opportunity to purchase exclusive Boudoir pricing for those who attend. It is so exclusive that we can’t mention how great of a deal it will be unless you show up.