The Stress of Photo Shoots with Kids at ultra-spective

Tiffany Plato- Staff Writer


A common fear we hear from parents when booking their photo session is what happens if  my kids don’t cooperate?

The staff at ultra-spective would like to put your fear of having uncooperative kids at ease. Our goal at ultra-spective to is to tell your story. Your families story , your childrens story. Is your child shy? Is he rambuncious? Is she a diva?  We want to caputure those moments. Those true moments that tell the world who they really are.
We had a client last month that loved her photos but was a little frustrated that her son never smiled in any of them.  He was so stoic. She said she can not get him to smile for any photos no matter who is taking them. I told her the story about my brother. How during a 5 year span every picture we have of him , he was being a goofball.  I am sure my mother was so frustrated with him at the time. But now we look back at those photos and remember the story. We remember how much he hated photos and we laugh. We recall the sillliness that would insue when a camera was brought out and how my mom would chase my brother down to get a nice traditional family shot. The “Traditional” never happened. But my goodness do the photos we have tell a story about who my brother was at that time in our lives.
Even our founding photographer Anna has felt the pressure of getting her boys to cooperate during a photo session.  During the session all she does is stress that the boys are not listening. Frustrated that they are goofing around too much or they are not paying attention to the photographer that has a rare pipe inspection camera.
But then, the magic happens!
She sees the photos and all that fear has faded away. One of our amazing photographers has captured their story. What the photographer created in those silly, rambunctious moments are what shows their true personality. While Anna or any other parent was busy focusing on what their children were not doing, our photographer was focusing on what they were doing. They were being real. They were telling their story.
So don’t fret mom and dad. We will amaze you with the story your child wants to tell the world. Let your kid be who they are. Trust us to bring their true personality to canvas. And years from now, or even days from now we promise you will remember the story that went along with who your child was in those fleeting moments of their youth.