Forever My Baby; The Maternity Session

Tiffany Plato-Staff Writer
Every woman is different. Every pregnancy is different. Except for the fact that we are all beautiful while pregnant. No matter how bad the morning sickness has been or how uncomfortable we are with the added belly weight, that belly is by far the most beautiful creation a family can make. It is the beginning of a an amazing life. A beginning of a new story to share. The ultra-spective staff loves bellies. Pregnant bellies and baby bellies! That is why one of our favorite packages is our Forever My Baby package. It is an amazing way to tell your child’s story from belly to birthday in 5 amazing sessions that document their life. Life can pass by so quickly when we are consumed with diaper changes and feeding schedules. Capturing those brief moments throughout their first year is what we do best. We will capture their newborn peacefulness to welcome them into the world. Their first laughs and belly time around 4 months. The proud looks on their faces when they can sit up on their own at 8 months or maybe hold their favorite stuffed animal. We love to end their first year with a beautiful family photo and maybe their first taste of a delicious birthday cake.  So many milestones to capture and tell their story. The Forever My Baby Package is the perfect way to stop for a moment and tell the story of your child’s first year. Here are some websites for mommy.
During a brisk day in December we captured the start of my second son’s story using the first session of our Forever My Baby Package; The Maternity Session. It was a custom upgraded session that we did at Ohlone Park. I originally wanted to find some beautiful trees as the background for my session but the crisp water and mossy boulders under the surprising winter sun called my name. So into the water I went.  Nothing felt more natural to be one with mother earth.  I am so thankful for the talent of the ultra-spective photographers that helped see my vision and create something beyond my dreams.  My story was captured by ultra-spective’s lead associate photographer Derek and up and coming photographer Kitera.
What is your vision? How can we help tell your story?  Your 40 weeks of pregnancy is a small portion of the life you are bringing into the world. Do not let it pass you by with out capturing the beauty that you behold.  Beyond the back pain and bloated feet, there truly is a glow about a pregnant woman. Whether you are the type of woman that prefers a more modest belly session or want to throw caution to the wind and show off that bare belly, let us show you how beautiful your pregnancy is by telling your story at ultra-spective.

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