Wild in Hawaii: ultra-spective Hawaii Session

Whether you consider yourself a wild child or wild at heart this ultra-spective Hawaii Session may be just up your alley. Or should I say up your Nāhuku!

Nāhuku is the Hawaiian name for the Thurston Lava Tube. This striking location was a fantastic way to start off this wild portrait session. The shadows and light bouncing off the Hawaiin lava walls created the perfect mood to begin with. Once we emerged from the Thurston Lava Tube and into the light we found the abundantly green and lavish Volcano National Park. It was the perfect opportunity to channel her inner warrior princess. Hair & make-up styling by the talented Crystal Nunez Spending the day with ultra-spective in Hawaii is a great way to capture not only the beauty of Hawaii but the beauty within you. A way to break out, have some fun and be a little wild. We can’t wait to hear how loud you can roar in one of your exclusive ultra-spective Hawaii Dream Sessions.