ultra-spective, Special Spaces And A Girl Named Whitney

Whitney is an amazing senior with an infectious smile that we had the honor of photographing. She represents not only a kind soul but a hard worker, even through adversity.

She was introduced to us through the organization Special Spaces. Special Spaces creates dream bedrooms to those battling life threatening illnesses. It is their mission to create a a place of hope and inspiration though designing and creating a special space to find peace and comfort.

We thought this was such an awesome idea that we jumped at the chance to sponsor Whitney’s Special Spaces project. Whitney was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus in 2011 and last year, the doctors told her that her disease had spread to the brain. Additionally, she now suffers from a heart condition called Supra Ventricular Tachycardia (SVT) due to chemotherapy treatments needed to keep the Lupus under control. While Whitney has been battling her illness she continued her studies with the goal of graduating this year. Due to her illness she was unable to finish her last year of school alongside her classmates and needed to finish her studies at home. Although she had to miss out on certain senior events she did not want miss out on her senior portraits. We were honored to volunteer for this special senior session to help her tell her story. Not only about her battle and the dream bedroom she received through Special Spaces but about who she is as a person.

Her involvement with the 4-H club really echos who she is. The 4-H name represents four personal development areas: head, heart, hands, and health.  She represents all of this, Head: her intellect and 4.0 grade average. Heart: her infectious smile and her participation in her church youth group. Hands: her hard work raising pigs and and her love of country life. Health: Something that may have taken away certain opportunities as an everyday teenager finishing high school but not her fighting spirit.

Our senior portrait sessions are always fun, inspiring and sometimes bitter sweet. It is an opportunity to stop time and reflect on who they are as a person. A time for their personality, likes and loves to shine through. We love to tell their story from their perspective. Whitney’s story touched all of us and it was so much fun helping Special Spaces create the Cowgirl Chic bedroom she had always dreamed of.   Although Whitney’s story may be unique, her fighting spirit and ability to make others smile is something we all can take to heart. We want to thank Whitney and Special Spaces for allowing us to be part of this amazing project and we look forward to working with them in the future.