Your Life In Art Form

                                                                                                                                                         Tiffany Plato-Staff Writer

Growing up we had a close family friend who had every inch of her living room walls covered in large wooden picture frames filled with collages of photos. I was so excited as a young girl to jump up on her couch and stand on the tallest cushions to investigate. I was thinking I had the best view possible since all the photos were too small to see if you weren’t up close. You could see she was proud of her family and wanted to share her happy memories but looking back with adult eyes all I remember now is how cluttered her walls looked. The frames that encased the collages of photos took up more room than the photos themselves. It’s a shame I don’t remember the details of her photos. But I do remember she REALLY liked oak frames.

Now that I have a started a family of my own and am decorating my home with the memories we have captured in photos, I too want to share them with the world. Or at least the world that makes it through my front door. I want the pleasure of being reminded how much love and happiness we have. Luckily in 2015 I can do this by complimenting my decor and not over running it with collage frames. I personally have started using the moments that ultra-spective has captured in photographs as my personal canvas art.

Photography has come a long way from framing a collage of small 4×6 prints on a wall. With quality photography you can now have your photos be the piece of art that stands out and not the clunky frame. Canvas prints can come as small as 5×5 and as large as your imagination will allow. Or maybe I should say, as large as your living room wall will allow.

Awhile back ultra-spective made the conscious effort to share our love of canvas with our clients. You may notice that when you call us at the gallery, we answer your call by letting you know that we create “Custom Wall Art For Your Home”. The reason we made this change is that we want you to celebrate your family, your loved ones, your beauty. You can’t celebrate those things if it is on a disk shoved into a drawer. There is no beauty to behold if you can’t see it. We know you love your photos, so why not enjoy them everyday instead of just tagging yourself in a digital photo online? Life is more than a profile pic.

Don’t get us wrong. We want you to love ALL your photos.(and you WILL! ) We want you to love them so much you want to bring them all home with you. So by all means, get them as digital files to cherish forever. But keep in mind you can’t nail a disc to your wall and have the same impact. Give those images life and display them with fine art canvas.
 Now, we also understand you probably don’t  have the wall space to put every image on canvas. But it would give us so much pleasure to help you find those extra special images. Those moments in time that tell your story. Whether it be to softly speak a thousand words or to yell it from the roof tops, we will capture those moments in time that exist like no other.
This is your story and it should be shared rather than hidden in a drawer. Because your story is a custom masterpiece.  Your personal work of art.  Let’s celebrate it and share it with the world by displaying it on canvas.

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