February 3, 2017


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The ultra-spective team has taken to the streets of downtown Livermore to spread the positive message and photograph people who share in this message: We believe it’s important to spread a positive message that the people are what really matter and not some line drawn in the sand.  We believe the color of your skin doesn’t divide us.  We believe your religion doesn’t divide us.  We believe your party affiliation doesn’t divide us.  We are all people, humans that desire the same things such as peace, love, security and quality of life.  We believe we can accomplish so much more if we ALL stand together for ALL people, UNITED.


There were so many more people who reached out on social media that wanted to participate but were unable to connect with us.  If you’d like to participate in a future project, please don’t hesitate to connect and/or please share this message.


Thank you SO much to all the participants for standing up for all people UNITED!


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