December 18, 2017

#ConfidenceCampaign, Part 4: Omni Fight Club Interview

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If you read my previous post, you understand that Omni Fight Club has a special place in my life. They are like a family to me and a key component of my personal growth and confidence. I’ve always felt welcomed and encouraged by both the trainers and the members. I’ve never felt like I wasn’t good enough to be there or judged for not being fit or an athlete. I know this sounds cheezy, but they are like a family to me…a community where I am welcomed and supported. I joined Omni Fight Club just eight weeks ago and the new relationships I’ve built there, with both the members and coaches, in this short amount of time have helped keep me accountable and continue to encourage me in my journey to health.

I had the opportunity to chat with Dennis Dumas Jr, the man behind the magic of Omni Fight Club, and I literally cried twice. So it’s important that I share with you his own words so that you can understand why I choose to train at Omni Fight Club.

Q: Why Are You Passionate About Omni?

Dennis: I’m passionate about Omni Fight Club because I’m passionate about people. What we do at Omni Fight Club encapsulates all that I’ve built in this industry.  It takes my personal life experience, from major injuries, to major weight loss, major life challenges, and SO many other things from background, that I tied into the coaching and teaching my coaches every day.  The relationships that I have with them are all based on my perspective of the things that I’ve been challenged with.  I believe I can help them overcome many life challenges simply by sharing sincerely and honestly the things from my past and using that to help them in their perspective.  From there, it filters into the community.  Omni Fight Club allows me to give back almost $3000 a month back to schools and thing in our community to keep improving our lives.  I grew up in some very bad places and so being able to help create better lives, not just for my family, but the families in my community, means the world to me and Omni Fight Club lets me do that. And it’s going to allow more people to do that as we grow into new communities.  When a fitness studio, or whatever the business may be, or whatever industry you’re in, when you have an impact on people, when you have the power and the ability to change lives, you then have a responsibility to keep doing it.  And I feel ultimately that my responsibility is my gift.  I feel like I can continue through this business and through the people that I touch, to have major impact on lives across the country and around the world.  We’re going to continue to do that.  We’re going to push very hard to make sure that every Omni Fight Club that grows all around this country carries our culture and our passion for people.  That’s why I’m passionate about Omni. We have the ability to impact so many people in such a positive way and I really believe that we’re going to. I’m passionate about it because it is my heart, it’s my soul and it is everything that I’ve built in every business beforehand tied into one pretty package, Omni Fight Club.

Q: What Makes Omni Different From Other Fitness Clubs?

Dennis: This is a long answer, but at the heart of it, it’s the people and the programming that creates relationships. When we designed our first programming 10 years ago, we knew then fitness and movement is a boundary breaker, and is the one universal empathy we have for each other. When you see someone struggle with health, with their fitness and their movement, you can relate to that in your heart in and your soul. Emotionally you know how it feels. Regardless of who they are, where they come from, male, female, tall, short, black, white, socioeconomic status, none of it matters when you’re in the gym.

So using that philosophy, we put together small group training in a large group format. We wanted people to be able to experience the energy of a large room full of people, ambitious and excited to improve their lives, and see other people do the same thing. We also wanted to make sure that those same people didn’t lose the small touch of the small group. So, we built in our style of training, small group training in a large group format.  The small groups that you move around with 4-8 people in the class, become your team. They become the people that you look for, for motivation when you’re getting tired. They look to you for motivation when they’re tired. And they look to help you when needed.

Additionally, we have accumulated well-trained, passionate coaches, that we take through a long vetting process, to make sure they carry into each class the excitement, energy and empathy that makes Omni so special. We make sure that those coaches aren’t alone. We keep two coaches on the floor in every class at a minimum. On our kickboxing days, there’s even three. So that we know that each member is getting a personal touch….somebody is talking with them, someone is working with them, someone is comforting them, someone is challenging them in every class.

Q: Describe The Culture That You Create at Omni.

Dennis: The culture at Omni comes from my believe in movement and health being the groundbreaking way to create community amongst people who would otherwise not know each other, not speak to each other and continue to pass each other in life without support one another. I’ve seen it work from the prison system to the most high level tech companies in the Silicon Valley. I’ve been a part of creating relationships between people who would otherwise never speak to one another who previously existed in each other’s space for years. Fitness is a groundbreaking, exciting and the most healthy way for us to create relationships that last and encourage each other to be better every time we interact in those relationships.  The culture at Omni is about that…it’s about excitement about movement, it’s about energy, it’s about encouragement, it’s about encouragement…it’s really about the people in the classes getting to know one another, taking care of one another, and when they need to, knowing their coaches are there for them.  We train them. We push them. We expect a lot of them.  And those coaches in return, they get out there on the floor and they build real personal relationships with people that they really care about. Additionally, what’s very special about us at Omni, no one person, athletic or new to fitness or anywhere in between, is different that the other. To us they are all Omni family, they are all Omni member, and to us they all have a very important role to play in continuing the culture at Omni Fight Club. The culture is also built around the program. The idea that you’re going to work in these group and move with these people is always encouraging.  It’s become so strong that sometimes we have to break them up. We have to tell them to go get away from one another, and start to experience more new small groups. And these aren’t friendships that people came into the club with. These are friendships that they’ve built in the club which makes it very special. The culture at Omni Fight Club is about being included, about being cared about, and knowing that no matter what level of fitness you’re at, when you walk through the door, not just the coaches, but the entire family at Omni Fight Club is going to be looking out for you.

Q: How Do You Cultivate it?

Dennis: When it comes to your fitness level at Omni Fight Club, the reason I think everyone should feel comfortable and excited about being in our space, is because we get to help them progress and it can be as far under the radar as they like or right out there in the open for everyone to see.  The reason for that is in our space, we take time and consideration to set up every single exercise, every single workout, with different weight, with different movement, and with lots of modifications. So a person who needs those things doesn’t have to go looking for them as they’re right there in their own space or there’s a coach to help them switch something up. So there’s no spotlight on someone who is new and there’s also no spotlight on somebody who is super athletic. So it levels the playing field for everybody. Additionally, we have the MyZone system and the technology that we really care about.  This is technology that we feel brings people tighter together by sharing their experiences through real accurate data, something that can keep us accountable to doing the right thing in every workout. This allows us to do more than just push people. It allows us to slow some people down. For example if you have a heart condition or you’re pregnant, we can adjust the MyZone system to protect you during your workouts based on your doctor’s guidance. The accountability tools that we have are endless. They start really with the coach’s ability, the coach’s training, the coach’s sincerity, and the coach’s passion. Through that alone, a new person should feel excited and comfortable about being a part of Omni Fight Club.

Q: If Someone Is On The Fence About Joining Because They Think They’re No Fit Enough Or Good Enough, What Would You Like Them To Know?

Dennis: When I hear people say they’re on the fence about joining Omni Fight Club, the easiest real true answer I can give them is just walk through the door, listen and talk to the people and realize that we really are about the community and the people. Getting fit is just a by-product of what we do. The workouts, the culture, the people, it’s really about creating the relationships that will keep you accountable and healthy for the long term. Being able to all of a sudden kick, and move, and fit into something new, or just feel good about yourself, those things are all a by-product of having these awesome new relationships in your life. So if you’re looking for that, if you’re looking for healthy and accountability relationship in your life then Omni is the right place. And on the business end of things, we don’t have any contracts. We don’t have any joining fees. We never have any major injuries. And for that alone, you have nothing to lose.  Just come in and give it a shot. All I can say is I encourage everyone to pace themselves and take their time and realize the workouts are there to challenge the most athletic but also facilitate for everyone’s that new as long as they choose to pace themselves.


Why We Train at Omni Fight Club

The one other thing that I wanted to cover is why we train. We should all be doing fitness, movement, nutrition, all the things that get us healthy and make our body feel better with two major objectives: overall health, which means quality of life and longevity. The idea is to create a very high level of quality in your life which means you don’t have pain, you don’t have illness, you limit the opportunity for disease and you increase the chance for a longer life… a life that allows you to play with your kids, your grandkids, your nieces and nephews, whatever it may be, with confidence…a life that allows you to get up early when you need to and allows you to stay up late when you need to. It allows you a life of being able to move and do things with your body and use your body for what the body was meant to be able to do. It was meant to be able to facilitate for us the things that we need to move, pick up, push around, to run, to feel good, all of those things, it is able and capable. It’s about getting ourselves started and finding the right groups of people to keep us accountable.

For me, when you train for a healthier lifestyle, for a longer stronger life, when you train for a more powerful heart and stronger lungs, the by-product of that can and will be a body that you’re more proud of each day, a body that reflects its internal health is really the best way that I can say it. When you work on your internal health, your body will reflect it. To me, if we focus on that first, then the psychological and emotional roller coaster that exists in today’s fitness world because of false marketing and people trying to sell everybody something they don’t need, then we can beat that. We can overcome that and we can create something very special, something that has a focus on life and movement and health.  And then again, the body will reflect that internal health. Then we’ll come full circle. Our mental strength will increase. Our confidence will increase. Then we can share that with our kids, our friends, our family. Now the power of positive impact becomes stronger and stronger every day. It’s a long, forever changing journey. It’s a lifetime journey. It’s one that is so worth it and if you do it with the right people, it can be a lot of fun.

There are going to be setbacks, injuries, and things that happen when you challenge your body. But just be a grown-up about it and own the fact that this is a journey that you need to ride out for the long term. If you look to the people that mean the most to you, your kids, your family, your friends, if you look them in the eye, and if you know that each day that is a challenge for you to move, that you’re doing it for them, so that you can be with them longer, so that you can be stronger and healthy for them, so that they don’t have to take care of you when you get older, so that you can just be there for them.

That’s why we train. We train to be there for the people we love. We train for a longer, stronger life, a more powerful heart and efficient lungs. Our internal health will reflect as we continue to grow and continue our journey to body positivity. We certainly don’t train for vanity. We certainly don’t train to fit into something new. Those things are a by-product of focusing on a healthy mind and a strong internal body. That’s why we train.



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