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accept yourself with sacred abandon

Do you feel like you’re stuck in the same pattern and can’t make the change you want in your life? Do you feel like you’ve checked all the boxes of what you’re supposed to do to be happy but you still feel like something is missing? Are you wondering what your worth is or what you have to offer this world or what you want to be when you grow up? Or is your life on autopilot and you’re missing that passion or spark to get out of bed each morning?

We know in our intellectual mind that we should love ourselves. But how can you love yourself when you aren’t really connected to yourself and thus don’t really know who you really are? 

Evolve from trying to convince yourself that you are worthy of love, to actually feeling the love so you can be at peace.  

This 5-day deep dive retreat
will explore your heart, body, and mind so that
you can open deeply to heal
your relationship to yourself.  

July 30 - aug 3, 2020

Kohala Coast, Big island of hawaii
at a private home

This retreat is designed to help your inner antagonist meet your heroine, to bring self esteem into the spiritual realm and learn how self discovery leads to self love. As you become aware of ideas that you hold about yourself, you will be able to release that which no longer serves you and step into the truth of who you are. There will be less confusion and more trust in yourself. As we become friends with our inner selves, we will be able to connect more deeply with others. 

You will receive practical tools to use daily to abolish sabotage and embrace empowerment. Practicing deep service to yourself as a sacred being, leads you to open all the gifts within and discover your true purpose whether that be in a career or hobby or woven into your daily moments! 

At this all-inclusive 5 day retreat, you will learn to do the soul work that helps you:

accept and love yourself unconditionally

find freedom from the inner critic

learn tools to support the release of long held patterning

let joy in again or for the first time

open to deep spiritual awakening 

connect to your divine feminine energy

create a foundation of safe and
loving thoughts

gain trust in yourself

Empowering each of us to become who we are
truly meant to be.

We will discuss and explore self-esteem, asking the real questions and applying practical applications to actively expose hidden mechanisms of self sabotage and suppression. This will bring a clarity to inner talk, thus helping develop a renewed inner experience. We will explore our bodies, how we respond to them and treat them and develop new tools for a more loving relationship. We will open to each other, other women who understand, in safe ways to reflect our disconnect and support one another to connect from the heart. 

Let us support your navigation through the emotional, mental, and/or spiritual blocks that have held you back from knowing yourself so you can deepening your connection to your one true source and feel the love that flows through you! 

You will receive bodywork and energy work to release layers of old patterning and emotions stored in the body/cells. You will experience how to use the breath to release traumas. We will integrate expression of voice and sound healing. We will move our bodies for the purpose of connection and discover what she wants us to know. We will utilize journals to write and draw, letting our expression find multiple ways to connect with us more deeply. We will create space for connected discussion and deep shares with community to strengthen vulnerability. We will include sublime photographing of your personal process in a candid way, capturing your true essence and reflections. These photographs will serve as your key to remember the way you felt in the moment, not just the way you looked.

We will be utilizing many modalities for support. Some of those tools are:

• Breath Work (rebirthing - conscious connected breathing), 
• Yoga
• Massage/Bodywork/Somatic Release
• Hand Drum
• Essential Oils
• Tuning Forks
• Kirtan /Chanting/Singing
• Meditation
• Crystals
• Pendulum
• Affirmations & Intentions
• Journaling and Mandala/Zen Coloring
• Conscious photography

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An alchemical path of healing your heart.
Expect to feel deeply, laugh wholeheartedly
and open widely!

here's what your retreat includes:

5 Days & 4 nights accommodations in a brand new luxuriously appointed 4 bedroom home with a pool and hot tub on the Kohala Coast.  You will share the home with up to seven other attendees.

Airfare & Airport Transfers
 not included

A fresh and nourishing breakfast & lunch provided each day in the home. 

Dinner is not included. Restaurants and grocery store are nearby.

One on one bodywork/massage/somatic release.

Group day excursion and snorkel adventure to the Big Island's best beach.  

Daily intentional healing activities such as breathwork, yoga, meditation, journaling, drumming, sound healing, crystals, oils etc.

Professional photography in a conscious candid style for you to remember your experience and the way you felt.


King Bedroom #1
 with en-suite bathroom
single sink vanity
 & walk-in shower

$2988 single occupancy
$1900pp double occupancy

(shared king bed for friends)

King Bedroom #2
with en-suite bathroom
double sink vanity
 & walk-in shower PLUS
private outdoor shower

$1988pp double occupancy
(shared king bed for friends)

Twin Bedrooms 3 & 4
 shared hallway bathroom
(total of four twin beds,
two in each bedroom)

$1988pp double occupancy

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Anna Vickroy and Michelle Walker bring a united front for women’s healing. We will provide a safe container, softness and depth that is very special. Both are passionate about self awareness and come into healed healers with strong drives to create platforms for women to develop themselves.

Michelle is the owner of Creative Healing Center and mentor for healers.  She has over 20 years experience as an intuitive Massage Therapist, Rebirther & Holistic Health Counselor. 

Anna is an award-winning Photographic Artist, and creator of the inspiring #ConfidenceCampaign, a  movement of empowering self love for women.  She is also co-founder of Athena Rising, a feminine co-work and event space.

Join an amazing sisterhood & be immersed in
positive healing & inspiring energy.
 Let's rise up together & live our life to the fullest with renewed confidence, joy and love!

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