We’ve been eagerly waiting for ultra-spective photography’s Confidence Campaign on September 13th where we’ll share stories with other ladies on the importance of loving yourself as you are, promote body positivity in each other, and learn about the Be Body Positive Model that will help you experience the happiness that comes with embracing your body […]

  “I learned to hate my body my entire life.” It still hurts as I write these words and tears trickle down my cheeks. I know that I am now on the right path to heal the deep wounds, and sharing this with you is part of that path. I feel strongly about the importance […]

The ultra-spective team has taken to the streets of downtown Livermore to spread the positive message and photograph people who share in this message: We believe it’s important to spread a positive message that the people are what really matter and not some line drawn in the sand.  We believe the color of your skin doesn’t divide […]

self-es·teem noun confidence in one’s own worth or abilities; self-respect The power of self confidence is an amazing thing. It can transcend to all aspects of your life and give you strength and power. It’s something we all strive to have. It is not something that only certain women who look a certain way possess. […]