If you read my previous post, you understand that Omni Fight Club has a special place in my life. They are like a family to me and a key component of my personal growth and confidence. I’ve always felt welcomed and encouraged by both the trainers and the members. I’ve never felt like I wasn’t good […]

To me, this movement of body positivity is about loving and caring for your body. And if you love your body, you want to listen to it and take care of it. Some people say that body positivity encourages unhealthiness and obesity. But what is obese? What is healthy? This is a really hard question […]

(for part 1 of this story click here) So much has happened since our first Confidence Campaign event in September! It was a pivotal event for me personally and professionally. It was SO liberating to publicly share my story of deep pain and body shame. It’s like a huge weight was lifted off my chest […]

  “I learned to hate my body my entire life.” It still hurts as I write these words and tears trickle down my cheeks. I know that I am now on the right path to heal the deep wounds, and sharing this with you is part of that path. I feel strongly about the importance […]

The ultra-spective team has taken to the streets of downtown Livermore to spread the positive message and photograph people who share in this message: We believe it’s important to spread a positive message that the people are what really matter and not some line drawn in the sand.  We believe the color of your skin doesn’t divide […]