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GET FIT : Week #10

PROJECT SUMMARY- Weeks 8 and 9: ultra-spective staff has committed to getting fit and making changes to lead a healthier lifestyle and we encourage you to join us. If you sign up for 10 Pilates sessions at Mindful Movements or a month package of Personal Training at Lifestyle Fitness (both located in downtown Livermore), we will gift you a studio session and sheet of prints! We are documenting our journey here…for encouragement, for motivation and for accountability. We’d love to hear from you!

Anna : Life got crazy busy this week and unfortunately my workouts suffered! I missed my Monday morning workout at Lifestyles AND I missed my Pilates class too. It really sucks how easy it is to lose your motivation and then I start to feel guilty and not care about my eating. How lame is that??? On a positive note, I did go to my Friday morning workout at Lifestyles so I’m just gonna pick myself up and keep on working at it.

Crystal : The workouts this week were good, hard and as usual have made me sore.
I really look forward to them each week, and I can feel a real difference:)! Hopefully it will make me look that much better in my “Pinky” the ghost from Pac man costume this weekend. Happy Halloween to everyone! My tip for the week: Need a yummy breakfast treat without the guilt? IHOP, has a really good selection of smart healthy choices on the menu, My favorite is the harvest grain pancakes! Pancakes, eggs and turkey bacon is less than 500 Calories and delicious!

Lia : This week I missed pilates for the first time ever! I was so upset, and felt so bad but I did make it to the gym Thursday morning to make up for it and it felt way good to be able to do that on my own. The workouts lately with Matt have been good. I enjoy the little circuit bootcampish (I think thats what they are.) workouts we’ve been doing.

Jessi : Pilates with Nicky was crazy. We learned new techniques that made me feel really awesome. I wish we took a picture of us doing a plank on top of the reformer. Nicky offers and introduces something new each week. It’s a whole lot of fun. Matt worked it out of us. He does his job well! I noticed while I was lifting, I’m forming biceps which is great. They weren’t there before! I’m very grateful that Matt is helping me create muscle!


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