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Our Family is Growing!

Family is like wine. Rarely is it exactly the same from one to the next. Common traits are ever-present: love, caring, cohesiveness…etc., but each family has its own unique blend of characteristics. Even day-to-day characteristics change. Some days are robust and flavorful and other days are smooth and subtle. The only similarity between all families is that each one is different.

It’s no secret that we consider all of our clients family. As they grow, so do we. When Juan, Jennifer, Joseph and Jax welcomed baby Jett recently, we couldn’t be happier to add one more to our ever-multiplying group of loved ones. This family has strong character, unmistakable personality and distinct style. That’s an indestructible combination if you ask us. Aside from the obvious “J” connection with their names, this fearless fivesome connects to each other (and us!) on levels that cannot even be explained. They have been a part of our family since toddler Jax was a baby and we consider them among the most valued members of our family. Enjoy!


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