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Intern Extraordinaire!

Meet our newest favorite person, Mariann. Our “favorite person” list is getting a bit lengthy at this point but she is currently at the top. She’s never lacking in style or flair which is particularly helpful because she’s our intern extraordinaire. That purple streak in her hair is probably indicative of a little streak of “diva” in her personality, which she passed on to her daughter but, more on that a little later.┬áThat style and flair comes in quite handy on many of our photo sessions. There’s nothing this woman can’t do!

There’s no doubt that character and style run deeply in this family’s roots.┬áDad and loving husband Mike, graciously allows the spotlight to fall on his wife and kids. He is lovingly referred to as “the man behind the curtain” who prefers to keep everything running smoothly without being the center of attention. Though he’s only 8 years old, Ryder is an old soul with a personality that contrasts his young appearance. Lucianne, 5, seems like a perfect little clone (personality-wise, at least) of her mother, Mariann. Lucianne is a mother to all and diva to most, both traits directly inherited from mom.




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