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We’re blown away by Blowout Bar

Livermore has a potential loitering problem on their hands. The culprit is Blowout Bar, Livermore’s finest full service salon. They attract ladies looking for pampering, but if they’re not careful anyone looking to hang around a vibrant and energetic scene will flock to Livermore. The energy inside the salon is so fun and exciting that we didn’t want to leave, and we were only there to take photos! We had to drag our photographer Alyssa out kicking and screaming (not before she ordered herself some hair extensions though) and she’s looking for any excuse to get back over there. If she’s missing from work, we know where to find her.

Whether you need a full-service salon (cut, color, style…etc) or just a quick blowout, Blowout Bar in Livermore will be your new favorite place for pampering here in Livermore. As the name implies, Blowout Bar does blowouts but they offer so much more. They are a team of elite-level stylists who use top-of-the-line styling products and services. From haircare to skin care and everything in between, Blowout Bar will not disappoint. Facials? Check. Waxing? Check. But perhaps their best offering is a giant self esteem boost. How do you put a price on something like that?

Blowout Bar owner Karen, an awesomely beautiful person inside and out in our humble opinion, should be proud of their hard work and we’re happy to have them as neighbors. We only ask that they return our Alyssa at the end of the day.



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