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ultra-spective photography consists of a talented team of artists that work together to create something amazing. The photographic artist, Anna Vickroy, founded ultra-spective in 2004 as an exploration of pursuing her dreams because life is too short to do otherwise. Guided by a philosophy of “it’s better to try and fail” than to wonder “what could’ve been”, ultra-spective has been a heartfelt success. It’s a privilege for us to do what we love for a living.

We moved into our glamourous 3000 sq. ft. studio in Livermore in early 2013. We offer many creative backdrop options ranging from a REAL 100 year old brick wall with an antique 500 year old door, to a vintage-styled brocade backdrop, to a white seamless curved wall, to a pink hollywood headboard. And of course you’ll enjoy viewing your portraits in our luxury screening room while your kids play in our chalkboard wall toy area and enjoy fresh coffee, tea and snacks in our snack bar.

We welcome you to visit our regular gallery open hours of Tuesday – Friday 11a-5p but of course we are available for appointments outside of these hours.


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