Our boudoir session is designed to bring out the confidence you've always had even if you haven't had the chance to show it off! Because sexy is different for everyone but bottom line is that confidence is always sexy. Before you step in front of the camera, we'll help you plan your ideal photo shoot with a pre-session design consultation, advice on what to wear (and not wear!), and a vision for your portraits.   You can add-on the services of our hair and make-up stylist to achieve the look that will help you feel confident and beautiful in your own skin.  Whether you go for sexy lingerie, the sporty, the sassy, the vintage, or the fun "girl next door" look, our professional photography team can't wait to help you create your ideal boudoir experience.

When Anna Vickroy, Founder of ultra-spective,  first fell in love with boudoir photography, her early success came from making women look and feel like supermodels with heavy retouching. She was able to empathize with her clients nervousness and discomfort with their body because she felt the same way about her body.  This empathy allowed her to easily connect with her clients and put them at ease.  She loved seeing her clients happy with their perfected images.  

After working with a life coach to begin the journey to heal her own negative body image, Anna began to realize she was actually doing a disservice to her clients by enforcing the message that they need photoshop in order to be beautiful. She developed a new vision and new goals for herself and her photography. As a boudoir photographer with a better understanding of why our bodies are worth celebrating at every age, shape, and size, she realized that she now has a responsibility not only to her clients, but to herself to uncover the natural, authentic beauty in every photograph.  Now she is on a mission to help every woman see and embrace the beauty they possess today just as they are!

at ultra-spective photography, we want you to celebrate yourself! Our team of professional female photographers is passionate about showing you how genuinely beautiful you are just the way you are right now.  As body positive photographers, we pride ourselves on making each and every client feel comfortable and excited for their personalized boudoir experience that highlights their individual personality.

Our goal is to promote body positivity through our Confidence Campaign events  that bring awareness to the impacts of negative body image and promote embracing every BODY. We invite women to experience a boudoir photography session that will remind them of their natural beauty and why,
“The REAL you is beautiful!”

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a boudoir photosession is a confidence builder

promoting body positivity as a boudoir photographer

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