Come one and come all, in threes and in twos Cheer for young Alix and the great Dr. Seuss!   When you’re young, life is fun, full of joy, and all that when you read Hop on Pop and the Cat in the Hat. Read it twice, maybe thrice, read it just before bed or […]

Family is like wine. Rarely is it exactly the same from one to the next. Common traits are ever-present: love, caring, cohesiveness…etc., but each family has its own unique blend of characteristics. Even day-to-day characteristics change. Some days are robust and flavorful and other days are smooth and subtle. The only similarity between all families […]

Makenzie and Lexie, two little ones who make a big difference. We’re not the first ones to say that the little things in life often make the biggest difference. There have been many variations and interpretations of the same theme. Whomever said “Seeing the forest for the trees” could have been hinting to that point. […]

Remember these moments Chris and Daisey. We suggest buying multiple copies of these photos to keep in every room of the house. Not because we want more money, but because portraits like these cause “no bad days” syndrome, ┬ámeaning your mood is instantly turned around as soon as you look at the photos. When you’re […]

Overheard in the ultra-spective studio: Photographer 1 : (frantically and forcefully pounding the mouse on her desk): “What’s wrong with this computer?” Photographer 2: “What do you mean?” Photographer 1: “I keep trying to upload the photos for our latest blog and it keeps posting Brad Pitt’s baby pictures.” Photographer 2: “What? Brad Pitt’s baby […]

There’s never a lack of inspiration when we do a “baby’s fisrt year” photo session. We’re so inspired by Aiden and Johnny we decided to write a little poem from the family to their new baby… Babies like you are precious and few, when we we started our family we never knew that our wildest […]