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reconnect with your authentic self

We live in a culture that tells us we are not enough...not thin enough, not smart enough, not funny enough, not pretty enough.  We are taught to judge & compare ourselves to others, wishing we were different. This has lead to a societal illness of negative self-image. It doesn't matter how we change ourselves to conform, nothing external to ourselves will ever be enough to achieve lasting fulfillment. This isn't just about "she just thinks she isn't pretty enough"...negative self-image has painful consequences and leads to feelings of shame which can result in depression, lack of motivation and overall dissatisfaction in life. 

We are here to tell you the truth: The answer you seek resides in your heart, soul, intuition...just learn to connect to the treasure you already hold. Wake up to the goddess you already are! 

Join us for 5 days immersed in a sisterhood of
empowering self-love
and so much fun!

September 21-25,2019

now amber resort 
puerto vallarta, mexico

The insecurity, anxiety and feelings of inadequacy are the result of billions of dollars spent by industries (beauty, health, fitness and medical) that profit from keeping us in this powerless mind-set. These industries would not survive if we understood how to fully be in alignment with our natural state of health, beauty and grace. We are needlessly suffering and working too hard to obtain something that already exists in each one of us already...we just need to activate our goddess that we are born with!

Instead of beating yourself up with criticisms and self-loathing, you'll learn how to access your heart-center of unconditional love. When we don't feel good about ourselves, we may harbor feelings of shame and insecurities. These constant background feelings impact everything we do from our careers, our relationships and our overall joy and happiness. Some may compensate by disconnecting or distracting themselves from their body or abandoning their body by trying to convince themselves that they don't care about the way they look. Or some may put on a mask of happiness, while they restrict themselves from the joy of food and weigh themselves each day struggling to stay at or reach a magic number on a scale.  

At this all-inclusive 5 day retreat, you will learn to do the soul work that helps you:

• Heal from negative self image & release shame
• Freedom from past stories that no longer serve you
• Cultivate and embody confidence 
• Enjoyment of your physical self
• Connect to your divine feminine energy
• Replace negative habits with practices that bring love, joy and a sense of fulfillment
• Renew your sense of sensuality
• Gain trust in yourself
• Accept and love your self unconditionally
• Radical body appreciation

live a life you love by learning how to love yourself unconditionally

As you begin this journey of inner work and learn to listen to your intuition, you'll notice shifts in your energy which will impact your decisions about nourishing yourself, moving your body and caring deeply for yourself through acts of self-care. These resulting change of choices may result in an overall whole & healthier lifestyle. You will effortlessly heal just because you are loved.  

Our goal is deeper self awareness, appreciation and self-love through connecting to your own love source and divine energy within. Through various activities such as an empowering photosession, yoga, mindfulness practices, inspiring discussions, self-reflecting journaling, and real life mind-set practices, you will explore:

• The story you tell yourself about who you are and the story others tell you
• Relationships that reinforce your negative self image
• Releasing the lies you tell yourself about your body and who you are
• Connecting to your body and intuition to guide you to your purpose
• Identifying and breaking the habits that are meant to
reinforce the lies of negative self image
• Being mindful of your inner energy or vibration
• Mindful & joyful movement instead of "exercise"
• Exploring your relationship with food
• Letting your outer beauty reflect what's on the inside
• Connecting with your authentic voice of truth
• Identifying negative thought patterns and replace with love
• Notice how you take up space and stopping shrinking patterns
• Being vulnerable and courageous to show up as yourself

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Aside from deep connection,
self love and empowerment,
here's what your retreat includes:

5 Days / 4 nights junior suite king bed ocean view accommodations at AAA Four Diamond resort Now Amber in Puerto Vallarta.  Resort is located on the beach with direct access. (Airfare & Transportation not included)

All meals, snacks & beverages are included.  Enjoy seven different themed restaurants, bars & lounges.  Or relax in the privacy of your room with 24hr room service with a stocked mini bar.  More info about the resort's offerings here.

An empowering photoshoot* with ultra-spective's award-winning team. Package includes the high resolution digital images.

Morning yoga/movement that honors your body and supports positive energy.

Daily inspirational talks and facilitator-led conversation circles and intentional self-love centered activities such as meditation, journaling, conscious awareness and mindset practices.

Professional hair & make-up styling* for the photoshoot


Each beautiful goddess will have their own private luxurious Junior Suite just under 600 sq.ft. with a king bed, stunning ocean view balcony with relaxing sitting area and a hydrotherapy tub.  

The Goddess Package includes all the personal growth activities except the empowering photosession.  If you have not had an empowering portrait session with us yet, we highly recommend that you add-on this experience.  We are only accepting eight add-ons with photosessions.  

includes everything listed above except the photoshoot + styling

includes all the digital images 
and hair & make-up styling

through APRIL 15

save $100 on goddess package
save another $100 on photosession

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hear what goddess attendees are saying....

"I was able to relate to most of the women in their struggles and the love they had for me while listening to my thoughts. I'm not one who typically shares much about myself but this was a safe and loving environment, free from judgement." 

"This was nothing like I expected. Every step of this retreat felt like it was designed specifically for me and what I needed. I know the other ladies felt the same. I really look forward to attending another retreat very soon!"

"This retreat is a way to heal, nurture and uplift the heart and mind. It's a safe place where women build up themselves and each other instead of tearing each other down. Every aspect comes together to make this experience life changing."

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Join an amazing sisterhood & be immersed in
positive healing & inspiring energy.
 Let's rise up together & live our life to the fullest with renewed confidence, joy and love!

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